The students benefit from Mosan Center’s with daily academic, vocational training programs, specialist rehabilitation and from all other services available to complement their skills and perception.
The students take part in all therapeutic, social, and sporting activities offered by Mosan Center as part of a program tailored for the complete and multi-faced development of the skills and personality of each individual.
To fulfill as many as possible of the interests of the students and offer opportunities for a better quality of life. Mosan Center organizes a wide variety of events and activities including outings, tours, journeys abroad, music, dance, drama, painting, sports and entertainment.


The educational program is formed as a model of 3 stages:
• Preschool or Nursery Stage: (Duration Six Years): It helps the child with disabilities, who has different abilities and which will be treated as an imitator during his first six years, to develop his senses, improve his/her behavior and his skills in speech and communication and to develop his/her willingness to be a part of a group and to the surrounding world.
• Preparatory Stage: (Duration from Six to Adult): This stage prepares and rehabilitates the student in the field of crafts activity and technical skills. They learn writing, reading, arithmetic and science by sharing the group in activities such as, playing or drawing forms or by walking, clapping and speaking rhythmically.
The Vocational stage:

The vocational stage program is formed as a model of 2 phases:
Prevocational Stage: In this stage will be focused on getting the student to trained practically on manual work. As hand craft lessons, plaiting, embroidering, sewing, knitting which develop practical skills and help the child to express out his latent, abilities and fantasy. In modeling the child gains experiences in forms and enjoys shaping.
Advanced Vocational Stage: The students work in supervised workshops to guarantee an income and independent future. They are trained to work in carpentry and joinery, sewing, bakery, agriculture and trading.