• Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapy is a profession of paramedical field, applied through therapeutic and daily living activities to help patients to reach an optimal level of independence and life quality. The occupational therapist is concerned to evaluate and rehabilitate each of:


gross and fine motor, cognitive, sensory and sensory-motor skills plus independence and autonomy level.

2-Environment: human and material

Patients can be from any age group (children, adolescents, adults and old persons) and can prove difficulties in one or more from the skills mentioned before. The patient lives inside his environment so the occupational therapist is concerned to inssure the best interaction between them:
– Changes the architecture of some places (bathroom, corridors, roads…) and prescribe technical aids (specific spoons, toilet raiser…)
– Works and gives recommendations for the family or caregivers

At MOSAN center the occupational therapy department is responsible of:
– Working individually with patients to help them developing their skills
– Supporting and giving recommendations to special educators in the group work
– training the team persons and parents as well, through workshops
– adapting wheelchairs and normal chairs (usually used at class) to ameliorate the positioning by adding cushions, belts, footrests and other… those added materials are ” homemade” at MOSAN center. The main goal of this project is to have the best and fastest sitting quality in the lowest coast.
– (to come) prescribing and performing technical aids to help children be more independent in their daily life and school activities
– (to come) changing the architecture of some rooms for the reason of facilitating the accessibility