• Healthy Bread
  • High fibers
  • For diet & sportive
  • Low cholesterol
  • No sugar
  • No fat
  • No preservatives

1. Tradition of quality baking good healthy bread

Because of growing concerns over the last few years regarding allergies or other food restrictions in their diet, together with a strong movement to healthier food in general we are specializing in baking breads with these concerns in mind. Sonbola Rye Bread Bakery is offering you a fine line of high quality healthy breads. We use organic dark rye flour and seeds where ever possible and other high quality ingredients.

2. Authentic Rye Bread

We are the only bakery within Lebanon producing genuine German Rye Bread , using the original and natural sour dough culture in all our rang of breads . We combine the best in traditional German bread making and knowledge, with the best of modern baking to produce ,authentic German Rye Bread made by master in Lebanon. bakingBaking with sourdough The dough is fermented with the aid of wild yeasts and airborne acid-producing bacteria. Sourdough creates the conditions that make rye flour bake able: rye has less starch and less protein than wheat but more soluble sugar and water-binding pentosans; it also contains more enzymes for breaking down starch; sourdough helps to give rye bread structure and elasticity. Sourdough allows the natural enzymes to form the dough structure. Sourdough produces lactic and acetic acid for taste and aroma. There are several methods to produce sourdough, from a single phase to a multiphase process. Basically, a sourdough is started by mixing equal parts of rye flour and water with a starter culture of pure selected strains of bacteria and a small amount of sourdough starter from the previous day's baking. This dough ferments and can be used all week as a sponge dough for bread-making. At the end of the week the remains form the next week's starter dough, The 'right' sourdough used to be a closely guarded secret amongst baking families and was handed down through the generations. Artificial sourdoughs are often used today which give the bread an acidic taste without the enzymatic properties of a real sourdough that aids the digestibility and taste of rye bread. bakingCholesterol free bread All of our products are produced without using any artificial preservatives, additives, improvers or any other chemical enhancers. By using only the best imported ingredients we can say that we are producing some of the best German bread anywhere in the world. We can proudly say as a bakery that we are one of the best outside of Germany producing genuine German breads inc: bread rolls, German bread of all types, German cakes. We offer over 12 types of bread alone. It takes a total of 24 hours to prepare and bake these delicious cholesterol free bread. 3. A Brief History of Sonbola Bakery bakingIt is a cooperative projectbrot "To help the needy does not mean to give, but to sow." (Basque proverb) In September 2003 “Brot gegen Not” the heiner kamps foundation (Bread against Misery) (http://www.brotgegennot.de ) established a training bakery in "Mosan Center" in Tyre South Lebanon. The “Brot gegen Not” training bakery is a logical extension of the existing project. In the initial weeks, German master baker volunteered his time to train two future master bakers as instructors in the baking process, recipes and machines from Germany. Both were already familiar with the trade, since they are experienced bakers of the typical Lebanese pita bread. Now they are passing on their craft by producing genuine German Rye Bread and by instructing handicapped adolescents and young people in baking bread. This website is designed as part of the trend to sell direct to the public. Sonbola Bakery is now the premier German specialty bakery in Lebanon. We hope that you find this site both informative and easy to both navigate and to find that product you have been looking for.

4. Range of bakery goods

In our product overview a large range of Authentic German "breads", "rolls" and "cakes and pastries", we introduce you to selected bakery goods, which you can buy from "Sonbola bakery" The Rye Breads and Cakes are detailed elsewhere on this site. All Sonbola's products are made to traditional German recipes and produced to the finest standards. We also offer you regional specialties.

5. Price List & Ingredients