History of Mosan Center

Mosan Center is a special education facility in Tyre, (Sour) South Lebanon that was established in 1993 by the Rural Development Association (جمعية رابطة إنعاش القرى) non-governmental organization (NGO). In May 2015, Mosan Center became an independent entity registered with the national authority, and licensed by the Interior Ministry according to Authorization No. 1001. Since its inception, Mosan Center has been working with children and young adults with special learning needs. 

Despite the disability prevalence rate in South Lebanon, there is a lack of specialized centers that cater to special needs students, with physical, behavioral, and emotional problems and learning disabilities.

Mosan, over its 20 years in operation, has tried to promote and advocate the establishment of similar institutions that can help integrate students with special needs into society, but to no avail.

In part, this is due to the prevailing culture that Mosan is trying to alter gradually. In South Lebanon, people with disabilities are often neglected; it is not unheard of for children with disabilities to be hidden behind closed doors or for the parents to pretend that there is nothing wrong with their child. Mosan Center is the only institution in Tyre and its surrounding areas that provides specialized care to mentally disabled people.