Story of Mosan

  • Mosan Center started its operations in September 1993, with 8 mentally handicapped children (students), providing them with rehabilitation, special education, and family support services. This is being done on a regular basis but for a limited number of students.
  • In 1994 children enrolled in the Center became 12 and in 2000 they increased being 45.  Rural Development Association (RDA) (جمعية رابطة إنعاش القرى) attempted to adequately respond to such increasing demands in context of major problems such as the venue’s small size and limited space and urgent need for maintenance, and the increasing number of children on the waiting list among other issues.  (Old Mosan’s Photos)
  • Therefore, the expansion of our service program proved to be vital and eminent task, as such location disrupted our significant goal to increase the quantity and the quality of our services.
  • We decided to set up a new service center in the region. RDA launched, on a piece of land 4200 m2 donated by Borj El-Shamali Municipality/District of Tyre, the construction of the new premises Mosan Center in  2001 to expand and enhance the delivered services for all its children to benefit.
  • Mosan moved in 2003 (New Mosan’s Photos) to its new location in Borj El- Shamali, during the academic year 2003-2004; the teaching activities in the new facility were conducted by 27 Staff members for 85 students in temporary classrooms in the basement and ground floor of the building.
  • At the beginning of the academic year 2005-2006, the 35 staff members and 105 students moved upstairs to permanent classrooms.
  • At present the staff members are 68 and the students are 140 well-adjusted in their new surroundings.